ABB’s ACH550 HVAC Drive is an intelligent variable speed drive that is designed to save energy, produce quality air, and alleviate environmental concerns. This drive can reduce operating costs by controlling your building’s fans, compressors, and pump motors efficiently. It features all of the industry standard HVAC communication protocols and is pre-programmed for several applications out of the box, including: air handling units, cooling towers, chillers, and more.

HVAC drives from ABB make it easy to maintain a building’s comfort zone in an easy, quick, and energy-efficient manner. Setting up the drive is also a breeze with ABB’s startup assistant feature, which walks you through configuring a basic startupto get you up and running quickly.

The ACH550 includes the BACnet protocol, and the software running on the drive is tailor-made with HVAC functionality in mind. Also included are two built-in PID controllers, a real time clock and calendar, multiple built-in timers to eliminate the need for external timer circuits, and built-in harmonic mitigation functionality. Also included are interactive assistants for maintenance and diagnostic purposes, and a fault logger to determine exactly when faults have occurred thanks to the real time built-in clock and calendar. You will know exactly which fault happened and exactly when it occurred.


For more information about the ACH550 HVAC Drive, or other ABB products and applications, contact us today!


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