ABB ACH550 HVAC Drive Startup with Assistant


Configuring a basic startup on the ABB ACH550 HVAC drive is quick and easy thanks to the startup assistant.

To get started, press the key corresponding to the menu option from the main menu.

Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Assistants option and press the enter key to continue.

Scroll up to the commission drive option and press the SEL key to begin the startup assistant process, which will guide you through configuring your nameplate motor date, including:

Nominal voltage
Nominal current
Nominal speed
Nominal power
Your application macro

… and some additional values that the drive may suggest to you based on what else
it detects about your setup. Make sure to press the save button to confirm each setting as you go.

Once complete, you should have a basic startup configuration, and you can edit additional parameters from here according to the specific needs of your application. Be sure to perform a test run with your current parameter settings to make sure that everything operates as expected.

If you are looking to do a more customized initial configuration, make sure to check out our instructions on how to do an ABB ACH550 HVAC drive startup configuration on an individual parameter basis.


For more information about the ACH550 and the startup assistant on ABB drives, contact our experts today!


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