ABB ACH550 HVAC Drive Startup with Parameters


Configuring a basic startup using individual parameters on the ABB ACH550 HVAC drive is quick and easy thanks to its intuitive menu system.

To get started, press the key corresponding to the menu option from the main

Next, Use the arrow keys to highlight the Parameters option and press the enter key
to continue.

The most common parameter groups that you may need to adjust in order to prepare for a basic startup configuration are:

99 – startup data
10 – start/stop/direction
11 – reference select
20 – limits
21 – start/stop
22 – accel/decel
26 – motor control
And 30 – fault functions.

Scroll to the parameter group that you would like to edit using the arrow keys and
press the select button to open it.

Now, press the edit button to change the selected parameter value and adjust it as necessary. Note that the currently-set parameter value will appear below the highlighted parameter, and you can view the default parameter value at any time as a reference point by pressing the up and down buttons simultaneously.

Once you have modified the value to your liking, press the save button to confirm it, or press the cancel button to discard the change.

You can now press the exit button to return to the list of parameter groups if you have more parameters to configure, or you can press it twice to return to the main menu.

Once complete, you should have a basic startup configuration, and you can edit additional parameters from here according to your application requirements. Be sure to perform a test run with your current parameter settings to make sure that everything operates as expected.

If you are looking to do a more automated initial configuration, make sure to check out our video tomorrow, right here on the blog, on how to do an ABB ACH550 HVAC drive startup configuration using the startup assistant.


For more information about ABB’s ACH550 HVAC, or the rest of ABB’s extensive catalog, contact us today!


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