ABB ACS380 Menu Icons Explained


The main menu of the ABB ACS380 is a scrolling menu with its options represented by icons, rather than the text labels that you may be used to on other drives.

The top icon is the motor data menu. This is where you will configure motor parameters.

The next icon, which looks like a graph, is the motor control menu. This is where you will configure your motor settings.

The third option, which features an I/O symbol, is where you will set your control macros.

The 4th option represented by a stethoscope icon is the diagnostics menu. This is where you can view faults, warnings, your fault log, and connection status.

The fifth option, which looks like a bar graph, is your energy efficiency menu. Here, you can view your energy savings.

Finally, the 6th option with a gear icon represents your parameters menu. This is where you can configure parameters of your drive.

You can also optionally configure which items are visible at the main menu using parameter 49.30.


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