ABB ACS800 Series AC Drive – Product Spotlight

ABB’s ACS800 Series AC Drive is a complete variable frequency drive that can installed without any additional cabinet or enclosure. Designed for process industries – pulp and paper, mining, cement, chemical processing and others – these single drives are available as wall-mounted, free-standing and cabinet-built constructions as needed.



ABB ACS800 Series AC Drives, available at! Pictured is the ACS800-U1-0011-5+P901 model, rated for 10 horsepower at 480 VAC.


Models are rated for:

  • 230 V, three-phase in sizes from 0.75 to 250 horsepower
  • 400 V, three-phase in sizes from 1.5 to 3,755 horsepower
  • 500 V, three-phase in sizes from 2 to 4,500 horsepower
  • 690 V, three-phase in sizes from 7.5 to 7,500 horsepower

The ACS800’s key feature is its flexibility. These highly adaptable drives pack an advanced suite of programming and configuration tools to help optimize each drive specifically to its application. Several application programs come built into the drive, each individually tailored for different industrial segments.

Because of the high degree of configurability, ACS800 drives can be found powering pumps and fans, cranes, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, test benches and much more. In each case, drives are built to last with IP21 protection at a minimum as the standard. Higher degrees of protection are available as needed. Marine variants are even available.

Tailor-made, cabinet built drives are also available through ABB’s application engineering program.

Finally, ACS800 drives include a liquid-cooled variant provides added benefits when space and cooling air is limited.

For more information about ABB’s ACS800 Series AC Drive, contact our experts today!


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