ABB CP-C.1 Power Supplies – Product Feature

ABB’s CP-C.1 high performance power supplies are ABB’s most advanced range of power supplies. The unit boasts high efficiency, high reliability and an innovative design that is prepared for your most demanding industrial applications.


abb cpc1

ABB’s CP-C.1 power supply is available in 5 amp, 10 amp and 20 amp configurations. Galco offers the 5 & 10 amp models.


The metallic housing allows the the CP-C.1 to operate in harsh industrial environments, applicable in conditions from -25° to 70° C with high Mean Time Between Failure values. The power supply also has a 50% integrated power reserve to maintain startup reliability, even when supplying heavy loads. This eliminates the need for an over-sized power supply.

With up to 94% efficiency, the CP-C.1 can be a large cost reduction component. It has low power dissipation and low heating, cools via free convection so there’s less need for an external cooling component in the cabinet and its small form factor reduces space needed in the panel. Each of these factors save energy during operation.

The CP-C.1 has a broad AC and DC input range, from 100 to 240 V AC and 90 to 300 V DC, with a rated output voltage of 24 V DC. Its flexibility is enhanced with an adjustable output voltage rating via a front-facing rotary potentiometer. With adjustments, the unit can produce output voltages from 22.5 to 28.5 V DC.

Capacitors in the power supply ensure a hold-up time of 50ms, which enables the CP-C.1 to perform to standard in applications worldwide.

ABB’s CP-C.1 packs each of these features into a safe, user-friendly package. The power supply is easy to install, with fail-safe mounting onto a standard DIN rail configuration using sturdy metal snap sliders. It has clear labeling to facilitate wiring and front-facing LEDs to quickly display the operating status of the unit. Finally, its closed construction and touch-proof connecting terminals are rated by all relevant international standards to guarantee maximum safety in operation.

To learn more about ABB’s CP-C.1 power supplies, contact our experts today!


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