ABB MS132 Series Manual Motor Protector – Product Spotlight

ABB’s MS132 Series Manual Motor Protector is a three pole protection device with thermal tripping elements for overload protection and electromagnetic tripping elements for short-circuit protection. They are used to switch motors ON/OFF manually, and their protective features ensure cost and space savings, and quick reactions under short-circuit conditions.


ABB’s MS132 Series Manual Motor Protectors, available at! Pictured is the MS132-1.0 model, rated for 1A.


The MS132 motor protector features Class 10 overload protection, phase loss sensitivity and a built-in disconnect function. The overload protection setting can be adjusted along a scale in amperes, which allows for direct adjusting of the overload limit without any additional calculations.

Standard models include an ON/OFF rotary handle with lockout provision and visual trip indication. The unit’s mechanism is trip-free, and the MS132 is notable in that it is compatible with no just three-phase applications, but single-phase applications as well.

Available accessories include:

  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Signalling contacts
  • Undervoltage releases
  • Shunt trips
  • 3-phase bus bars
  • Power in-feed blocks

Automatic temperature compensation occurs from -25° to 60°C. The setting range is from 0.1A to 32A.

For more information about ABB’s MS132 Series Manual Motor Protector, contact our experts today!


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