ABB PSE Soft Starter – Product Spotlight

ABB’s PSE Soft Starter is the world’s first compact soft starter with built-in torque control. This makes the PSE range the ideal choice for pumping applications where water hammering (pressure surges in the pipeline) is a big problem. The compact design and advanced functionality makes the PSE an efficient solution for other common applications like compressors and fans.

The rated operational voltage is wide, from 208 to 600 VAC. Rated control supply voltage ranges from 100 to 250 VAC at 50/60 Hz. Operational current is rated from 18 to 370 A.



ABB’s PSE Soft Starter, available at! Pictured is the PSE30-600-70 model, rated for a maximum 25 horsepower.


Because the PSE is purpose-built for pumping applications, it comes standard with a coated circuit board. A protective coating layered on the board ensures reliable operation in tough environments like wastewater plants, where corrosive gases and acids may exist.

The PSE soft starter is also equipped with built-in electronic overload protection to protect motors from overheating. This design saves installation space, installation time and system startup costs by eliminating the need for an additional overload device. Built-in motor underload protection detects when pumps run dry.

Other features that cut down on costly maintenance:

– Locked rotor protection to detect jammed pumps
– A kick start function to start jammed pumps or conveyors
– Built-in bypass that initiates after reaching full voltage, reducing power loss and eliminating complicated installation

Setup of the PSE is done using a four button keypad and display on the front of the unit, proving quick and easy setup. The display provides status information (current, voltage, etc.) during operation. An optional external keypad is available for easy setup and monitoring of the soft starter without opening the enclosure door. The external keypad can copy parameters between starters, and carries an IP66 rating.

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