ABB PSR Soft Starter – Product Spotlight

ABB’s PSR Soft Starters are the latest addition to ABB’s soft starter family, compact range devices that cover motor currents from 3 to 45 A. These soft starters smoothly apply and remove voltage to eliminate high mechanical and electrical stresses from motors during start and stop, cutting undesirable load peaks and drastically extending motor lifetime.

With PSR soft starters, starting current is significantly reduced compared to direct on line starting, eliminating switching transients. This is useful for applications like sliding drive belts and gearbox, reducing the wear typically associated with heavy torque peaks by applying torque smoothly. Pump issues are also resolved by eliminating pressure surges in pipelines.



ABB PSR Soft Starters, available at! Pictured is the PSR30-600-70 model, rated for up to 25 horsepower.


Supply voltage for PSR soft starters can either be 24 VDC or 100-240 VAC, with 208 to 600 V motor voltage support.

The system comes standard with MMS (manual motor starting) but can configurable for remote control connection using the FieldBusPlug accessory.

All sizes include a run signal relay, and sizes specified for 25 A and up come with an output signal Top Of Ramp (for full voltage). With standard performance PSR soft starters can handle ten starts per hour. With an optional auxiliary fan added to the system, the starting capacity increases to 20 starts per hour.

The PSR is easy to setup and operate thanks to clearly marked settings and terminals, with all terminals easily accessible for cable connection. Both screw and DIN-rail mounting are possible.

These soft starters are ideal for installation in places where space is limited.

For more information about ABB’s PSR Soft Starters, contact our experts today.


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