ABB’s AFS Series Safety Contactor


ABB’s AFS Series Contactors complement their existing range of safety components, making protection systems simple to build. Designed for machine safety applications, these contactors come with fixed front auxiliary contact blocks, making them ideal for monitoring and controlling circuits. Mechanically linked and mirror contacts help make your system safer.

Unlike conventional contactors, ABB’s AFS contactors have built-in surge suppression, preventing surges from ever reaching the control circuit, meaning you have one less device to install and manage.

By reducing the contactor coil’s power consumption, panels can also be made smaller and transformers more compact. In addition, all the safety data for the contactors are readily available using safety design tools.

ABB’s permanently fixed front-mounted auxiliary contact blocks guarantee the correct contactor status at all times. Mechanically linked and mirror contacts have clearly marked symbols on the front and provide the performance required in feedback circuits. This prevents any unexpected state changes of auxiliary contact if main contacts become welded or stuck.

Front-mounted contact blocks are permanently fixed to protect devices against accidental misuse and operation. A factory fitted transparent cover shields the contactor status indicator, providing additional protection.

ABB’s AFS contactors can be controlled directly by relay outputs of safety PLCs and safety relays. They guarantee system status feedback, making the system safe and reliable.

By reducing coil energy consumption by up to 60%, panels can be built smaller and transformers can be downsized. With reduced power dissipation in the cabinet, installations also need fewer fans. Using AFS contactors saves money and precious space.


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