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Scenario: You have an ABB ACS800 drive that is, as far as you can tell, properly installed. But the drive is unresponsive, and it just flashes the red LED. Next problem: you haven’t installed a keypad for the ACS800.

Chances are the drive has encountered some type of failure. If the LED does not reset with reset input, you need a keypad installed into the drive to see what the fault is.

Assuming you have a control panel/keypad available for use, now is the time to install the unit. Plug the keypad into the drive’s front cover and look at the top line of the display.

If the display shows an L, this means the drive was left in local control mode, and it is looking to the keypad for commands. Someone may have removed the keypad before switching the drive back to remote control. This doesn’t harm the drive in any way, it just renders the drive useless until the keypad is reinstalled.

Press the LOC/REM key until the L disappears from top line on the keypad display. Now the drive is in remote control and the keypad can be removed without a problem.

If the L did not appear on the display when initially installing the keypad, and instead a fault code is displayed, record the number and description to look it up in the firmware manual for possible remedies.

If you’re still having local control or remote control issues, post your problem or scenario to our new message board. We have several trained experts monitoring this forum during business hours, Monday through Friday, that would be happy to help you.

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