Altech L Series Miniature Circuit Breakers – Product Spotlight

Altech’s L Series Miniature Circuit Breaker is the first ever combined branch circuit protector and equipment ground fault protector. These breakers feature dual pole switching (live and neutral disconnect), designed to provide protection against short circuits, overlaods, AC ground faults (residual current faults) and pulsating DC ground faults.



Altech’s L Series Miniature Circuit Breakers, available at! Pictured is the 1DU2L model, rated for 2 A.


Available in both AC and DC models, these breakers use both thermal and magnetic trip operation with a short circuit interrupting capacity of 10 kA.

Units in the series cover a large rated current range, from 0.2 to 63 A. Trip time decreases from minutes (an hour at most) to milliseconds as the current increases (based on multiples of the rated current, from 2 to 20 times greater). This chart outlines the current trip curve:




L Series breakers are DIN Rail mountable, with a positive trip indicator (green = off/tripped, red = on) to show the status of the breaker. L Series breakers are also line/load reversible.

End users can expect an electrical lifetime of 6,000 cycles, and a mechanical lifetime of 100,000 cycles.

For more information about Altech’s L Series Miniature Circuit Breakers, contact our experts today!


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