Altech TR11 Series Sub-Miniature Circuit Breaker – Product Spotlight

Altech’s TR11 Series Sub-Miniature Circuit Breakers are compact supplementary protectors suitable for use in a wide range of low voltage applications, specifically as circuit breakers dedicated to equipment. These circuit breakers are ideal for protecting control transformers, uninterruptible power supplies, power strips solenoids and others against overload conditions.



Altech’s TR11 Series Sub-Miniature Circuit Breaker, available at! Pictured is the TR-11CY6315A model, rated for 15 A.


Units are available in a current range from 0.1 to 16 A – 25 total standard current ratings in total – at 240 VAC, 24 VDC and 50 VDC.

Overload switching capacity is six times the rated current for AC units up to 9 A, and four times the rated current for DC units up to 12 A. The maximum switching capacity is 60 A for 10 to 12 A units in both AC and DC voltage.

Trip time decreases at greater multiples of rated current. Refer to this graph:




Standard trip characteristics are valid for ambient temperatures of 23°C. If the TR11 circuit breaker is used in ambient temperatures other than 23°C, allowances must be made when selecting the current rating according to a correction factor outlined by Altech:

  • Down to 20° less than the rated temperature (23°C), the correction factor is 0.8
  • Up to 60° greater than the rated temperature, the correction factor is 1.3

At 200 percent rated current, the TR11 has an operational lifetime of 1,000 cycles.

For more information about Altech’s TR11 Series Sub-Miniature Circuit Breakers, contact our experts today!


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