American Control Electronics DCR Series DC Drives – Product Spotlight

American Control Electronics’ DCR Series Industrial DC Drives are microprocessor based, low voltage pulse width modulation (PWM) drives that are capable of braking and reversing regeneratively.



American Control Electronics DCR Series DC Drives, available at! Pictured is the DCR300-120 model, rated for 12/24 VDC and 120 A.


The microprocessor allows for programming to fit the end user’s application, in many cases eliminating the need for a PLC and other sensors. This saves panel space, cuts costs and boosts application efficiency. These drives can even be programmed for use in the field without trimmer pots, simplifying installation and increasing application security.

If trimpots are used, they can adjust seven different variables:

  • IR Compensation
  • Current Limit
  • Regen Current Limit
  • Max Speed
  • Min Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration

The DCR series also features DC drive standards like coast-to-stop and four-quadrant reversing.

Some models contain a “sleep mode” function to preserve battery life, and others come installed with a Fault LED. Built-in flashing codes identify undervoltage, overvoltage, current limit, overtemp and short circuit faults.

Other features like pre-charge circuits, brake outputs and directionally based inhibits confirm DCR drives as a suitable solution for all types of DC applications.

Input voltage with either be 12/24 VDC or 36/48 VDC depending on the model, with max continuous current values ranging from 3 to 120 A. Peak output current reaches 250 A on the largest model.

For more information about American Control Electronics’ DCR Series DC Drives, contact our experts today!


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