Bardac Drives K Series DC Drives – Product Spotlight


Bardac Drives K Series DC Drives are enclosed, DIN-rail mounting drives in elegant, compact packages suitable for standalone and systems applications. Drives are available in three standard configurations: non-isolated, non-reversing isolated and regen reversing isolated.



Bardac Drives K Series DC Drives, available at! Pictured is the K680I model, rated for 1 hp at 180 VDC.


Standard features included with all K Series drives are plug-in screw terminals, 115 and 230 V supply, speed feedback via armature volts or tachometer, and an IP20 enclosure.

Output signals allow end users to monitor ramps, speed demand and current demand. Inputs can receive ramped speed, unramped speed and torque current signals. Overload and trip outputs are logic based.

These drives come with a wide range of variable speed features, the exact set dependent upon the type of drive (non-isolated, non-reversing isolated and regen reversing isolated). Control variables include:

  • Max speed
  • Min speed
  • Up ramp
  • Down ramp
  • IR Compensation
  • Armature volts and tach feedback switch
  • Speed range
  • AC voltage selection
  • and much more!

Optional communications features include Ethernet networking, ModbusRTU and ModbusTCP/IP.

Suitable for smaller applications, the K Series drives motors from fractional horspower (1/4 hp) up to 2 hp. Armature current reaches 12.2 A continuous on the largest models.

For more information about Bardac’s K Series DC Drives, contact our experts today!


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