Basic Startup on ABB’s ACS380 AC Drive


This procedure will describe how to perform the basic startup process for ABB’s ACS380 AC Drive. Follow along with the video for assistance.

To perform a basic startup on the ABB ACS380, begin by powering on the drive. It will ask you to select the appropriate unit (either US or International) and press ok to confirm your choice. The drive will now recognize the connected adapter and set the correct settings. This may take a few seconds depending on the adapter that is connected.

Now, select the appropriate motor type in the motor data view: AsynM for an asynchronous motor, PMSM for a permanent magnet motor, or SynRM for a synchronous reluctance motor.

Next, select the motor control mode. Your options are vector control or scalar mode. Vector should be suitable for most cases. The drive will do an automatic stand-still ID run. The other control mode option is scalar. You should use this mode when the number of motors can change or the nominal motor current is less than 20% of the nominal drive current. Please note that scalar mode is not recommended for permanent magnet motors.

From here, you should set the nominal motor values, including: Power, current, voltage, frequency, speed, cosphi, and optionally torque, if desired.

Examine the direction of the motor. If it is rotating in the incorrect direction as displayed, then you can reverse the direction using either the phase order setting or with the phase order of the motor cable.

Set the start and stop mode in the motor control view.

Next, set the acceleration time and deceleration time.

Now, set the maximum and minimum speeds.

In the control macros view, select the applicable macro. For units with a fieldbus adapter connected, you can see the fieldbus in the control macros view. Some parameters may need further adjustment based on your configuration and application. For further adjustments, you can either use the assistant control panel or the Drive Composer PC Tool.

When you are ready to test your drive, press the start button to begin a test run. If everything works as configured and no faults appear, then you are now ready to begin using your drive!


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