Bellofram Type 50 Pneumatic Regulator – Product Feature

Marsh Bellofram Type 50 Precision Filter Air Set Regulators are reliable, precision filter air set pressure regulators, designed for instrumentation and general purpose use. These robust regulators are ideal for industrial applications such as pilot-operated controllers, instruments, air chucks, air spray guns, air cylinders and actuators.

Type 50 pneumatic regulars are also suitable for oilfield equipment, chemical processing plants and corrosive industrial environments when the model is NACE approved (complies with NACE material requirement #MR-01-75 for sulfide stress cracking-resistant metallic materials for oil field equipment).



Bellogram Type 50 Pneumatic Regulator, available at!


The rugged, dies cast aluminum housing is finished with vinyl (epoxy on the NACE approved model) paint for added protection against weathering, scratching and other environmental abuse. Pressure and leak testing before factory shipment ensures long-lasting, trouble-free operation to resist the harsh industrial environment.

A rubberized, soft-seat valve system provides a positive shut-off feature that can compensate for foreign materials. And an aspirator maintains downstream pressure and compensates for droop when high flow occurs.

Designed for a 1″ water column, the Type 50 has a flow capacity of 20 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) @ 100 pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG) supply and 20 PSIG outlet. Output pressure can range from 0 to 120 PSIG, and the regulator’s maximum supply pressure is 250 PSIG.

The Type 50 also includes a self-cleaning 40 micron (µm) nylon mesh filter (316 stainless steel when NACE approved) that can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement. Finally, both the standard and NACE approved regulators are fitted for pipe, panel, mounting or thru-body hole mounting.

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