Brady BMP61 Label Printer Replacing TLS2200

Brady’s BMP61 Label Printer is replacing the TLS2200 Thermal Transfer Label Printer. If you’re a customer of Brady’s former flagship labeler and use one regularly for component identification, the new model is an upgrade in every way. This entry will outline some of the biggest differences.



Brady’s BMP61 Label Printer, available at


The BMP61 features a 300 dots per inch (DPI) print head for higher quality prints than those possible with the 203 DPI print head found in the TLS2200. The new printer also sports a full QWERTY keyboard, replacing the ABC style keyboard on the previous model, allowing quick, efficient label entry. Over 450 industry symbols are built into the BMP61, versus just 44 on the TLS2200, and it supports international symbols and downloadable graphic files if you need a symbol or character not already available.

A color touchscreen display replaces the monochrome, non-backlit display found on the TLS2200. This significant improvement will display true-to-print images of your label, so you can see exactly what your labels look like before printing.

The BMP61 comes equipped with USB 2.0 ports (Type A and B) with flash drive support for easy file saving and transfer. Wireless WiFi connectivity is also available as an optional upgrade. The TLS2200 featured just a serial connector.

The BMP61 also prints nearly three times as fast as the TLS2200, at 33.8 mm per second versus the TLS2200’s 12 mm per second.



Brady’s TLS2200 Thermal Transfer Label Printer, replaced by the new BMP61.


Brady’s label printer is now built with a rugged design to survive industrial environments. It is purpose-built to be handled in the field and survive a 4-foot drop. Loading materials into the printer is now much easier, with a large loading bay and a secure quick-release. The BMP61 also offers smart cell technology for consumable rolls and ribbons – the printer automatically formats label settings for a new material so there is no guesswork.

To get a complete list of changes from the TLS2200 to the new BMP61 label printer, a PDF is available.

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