Crouzet Chronos 2 Series Electronic Timer – Product Feature

Crouzet’s Chronos 2 Series Electronic Timers are multi- or mono-function timing relays designed for modular panels. Their industry standard connection options are ideal for easy installation and applications where simple maintenance is a primary requirement.



Crouzet Chronos 2 Series Electronic Timers, available at! This unit pictured is the mono-function OA2R1 model (item number 88867105).


Chronos 2 timing relays equipped with multi-function capabilities can perform up to ten different user-selectable functions, with a large time range: 0.1 seconds to 100 hours. The time delay span is divided into seven different ranges to easily pinpoint the time delay perfect for the application.

The ten functions available on multi-function Chronos 2 electronic timers are:

  • Delay on Make
  • Accumulative Delay on Make
  • Single Shot
  • Delay on Break
  • Interval
  • Accumulative Interval
  • Combination Delay on Make/Delay on Break (Equal On/Off Time)
  • Repeat Cycle (Equal On/Off Time, Off Time First)
  • Repeat Cycle (Equal On/Off Time, On Time First)
  • Pulse Output (Adjustable)

Two additional functions are available on bi-function relays only:

  • Repeat Cycle (Off Time First)
  • Repeat Cycle (On Time First)

Programming is simple – each parameter can be set using front-facing rotary switches to select one of the relay’s ten functions and one the seven timing ranges. And LED status indicator is also featured on the front of the unit to clearly communicate the status of the relay.

Optional with the Chronos 2 series: connecting an external power supply to the control input, single-pole single-throw and double-pole double-throw output configurations, and a three-wire sensor control option.

Chronos 2 relays support both 8 pin and 11 pin octal sockets or DIN-rail mounting to fit your panel regardless of its configuration.

For more information on Crouzet’s Chronos 2 Series Electronic Timers, contact our experts today!


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