Crouzet Syr-Line Timers – Product Spotlight

Crouzet’s Syr-Line Timers aim to fill the most unique requirements of your application by innovating in design, engineering, and development. The newest series at Crouzet is a family of six 17.5mm analog timers; half of the family offers high-power 16 amp operation, and the other half offer 2 outputs at 8 amps.

The high-powered 16A models allow you to control more loads or bigger loads in an all-in-one solution, rather than requiring both a timer and a contactor. Syr-Line products also have greater capacity to withstand surge or inrush current than standard timers due to higher current capacity. They feature special latching and delayed latching functions in addition to the usual classic timer functions. These latching functions allow you to turn the output relay on and off with a voltage signal.

The double output 8 amp models offer an instantaneous or timed relay in a slim package. They are the only 17.5mm timer on the market featuring dual output, with easy selection on the front face that allows both outputs to work together simultaneously, or one working instantaneously and the other delayed. The instantaneous option allows you to turn on one output instantaneously and the second output with a time delay, allowing two different loads to be switched on gradually. The timed option allows the two output relays to work together by controlling different loads with the same device.

Some features available to the entire Syr-Line series include a wide, programmable time range from 0.5 seconds to 240 hours. Both mono and multi-function relays are available. The multifunction versions feature any 12 of these common timer functions:

  • ON-Delay
  • ON/OFF Delay
  • Summation Time
  • Single Shot
  • Flasher – OFF Start
  • Flasher – ON Start
  • Interval
  • Interval with Memory
  • Watchdog
  • Latching – Leading Edge
  • Delayed Latching – Leading Edge
  • Repeat Cycle – OFF Start
  • Repeat Cycle – ON Start

Other standard features on the Syr-Line series include a protective cover to protect the knobs and front face from the environment and accidental adjustment, a modular shape to fit into modular panels, small screw potentiometers for tuning, large potentiometers for easy timer setting with your fingers, and 2 LED indicators to visualize the status and output of the timer.

For more information about Crouzet’s Syr-Line Timers, available soon at, contact our experts today!


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