Dynapar’s HS35R Series Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder


The HS35R series incremental encoder from Dynapar features a rugged design that can withstand up to 400g shock and 20g vibration. Its improved housing and shaft seals provide IP67 protection making it more resistant to wash-down and contamination. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications thanks to its increased resolution up to 5,000PPR.

It features large, mechanically captured bearings which increase lifetime and resistance to run-out and wobble. It also includes a wide gap phased array sensor module that increases air gap over 10x when compared to a traditional mask-on sensor design, which increases lifetime and eliminates signal drift due to time and temperature. Customizable mounting options are available, including a torque arm with optional grounding strap.

This encoder is also reliable in extreme temperature applications thanks to its large temperature range of -40ºC to 100ºC. Compared to other encoders, the HS35R features an unbreakable disc, rather than the more traditional glass disc, allowing for higher reliability in high shock and vibration applications.


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