Eaton S811+ Series Soft Starter – Product Spotlight

Eaton’s S811+ Series Soft Starter offers all of the popular features of the S801+ Series and adds new enhanced functionality with the Digital Interface Module (DIM), included greater flexibility with communications, metering, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.

The S811+ line of reduced voltage soft starts are compact, multi-functional, easy to install and easy to set operating parameters. These starters are designed to control the acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors up to 690 V, with a current range from 11 to 1,000 A.



Eaton’s S811+ Series Soft Starters, available at! Pictured is the S811+N37N3S model, rated for 37 A.


S811+ soft starters use silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to control voltage to soft start and soft stop the motor. After the motor is started, internal run bypass contactors close, resulting in the motor running directly across-the-line.

Built-in solid-state overload protection guards the motor from overload conditions with sophisticated algorithms that model true motor heating, resulting in better motor protection and fewer nuisance trips. Advanced protective and diagnostic features reduce downtime.

Like the S801+ line, S811+ starters feature voltage ramp start and current limit start operation, depending on the needs of the application. Kick start is available in either starting mode. Soft stop functionality allows for a ramp stop time that is longer than typical coast to stop times, easing mechanical wear.

A premium option offers dedicated pump control specifications, eliminating the “water-hammer” effect that damages pipes, valves and pumps with smooth transitions for starting and stopping.

Setting the S811+ is ht enew DIM that allows end users the opportunity to specifically configure the device, and to read system parameters and monitor system values. The included LCD display and keypad makes scrolling through menus and selections hassle-free. Parameters can be modified at will, enable and disable protections, set communication variables, and monitor system parameters (line voltage, current, access the fault queue, etc.).

The DIM can be removed and remote mounted if necessary. Kits are available to assist the end user with this setup.

For more information about Eaton’s S811+ Series Soft Starters, be sure to check a recent entry on the S801+ Series (the S811+ shares many, if not all, of the same features). Contact our experts today for more specific application information.


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