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Eaton’s Wright Line TechBench sets a higher standard for engineering, manufacturing, and test and assembly environments. The TechBench is a solidly constructed workbench system featuring TechOrganizer, a fully-welded frame system that allows you to easily organize technology, tools and test equipment both above and below the work surface.



Eaton Wright Line TechBench with the TechOrganizer, available at


TechBench and TechOrganizer create a dynamic system that integrates people with technology. With the end user in mind, TechBench and TechBench takes advantage of a modular, scalable design and highly customizable configurations to maximize usable workspace. With each component exactly where you want it, TechBench contributes to highly effective and efficient workflow.

To build the perfect workspace, end users can choose from a huge range of optional components that provide efficient space management and technological support.

For storage and organization, users can opt for a personalized TechOrganizer which can feature:

– Shelving that runs across the width of the bench, or in partitions of varying widths to be placed at different heights (positioning adjustable in 1-inch increments)
– A binboard for hook-on bins
– Horizonal and vertical cable management options to keep cables out of sight

Optional under-worksurface storage options are available as well: a user-adjustable sliding pedestal (two drawer) or an Optimedia tool storage unit (four drawer, with an optional caster base to move it around as needed).



TechBench featuring two workspaces with pedestal and Optimedia storage, peg and bin boards, shelving and power distribution units.


Technology integration is addressed with flexible and convenient solutions for flat panel displays, computers, keyboards, test and measurement devices, hardware and much more. TechBench can also come equipped with a power distribution unit, mounted along the TechOrganizer or under the workspace, to power your tools.

Multiple worksurface materials are available, from maple hardwood to a phenolic resin (for use in harsh chemical environments), even an ESD-safe laminate with built-in ground hardware is available.

An overhead TechBench light tops off the bench, keeping your workspace brightly lit. All of this sits prominently atop a frame that can support up to 2000 pounds.

For additional information on the entire catalog of Eaton’s TechBench options and accessories, contact our experts today!


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