Emerson Unidrive M Series Variable Speed Drives – Product Feature

Emerson’s Unidrive M Series is a family of six variable speed drives that serve superior motor performance over their predecessors and are designed specifically for industrial applications. Each model is designed for specific application needs.


Unidrive M700

Emerson Unidrive M700. the premium variable speed drive in the M Series.


The Unidrive M Series increases the throughput achieved on previous lines. Motor control using induction, permanent magnet, servo and linear motors in open- or closed-loop configurations are available for total flexibility.

This series operates within an open standard framework to ensure compatibility with the latest technologies, preventing you from getting locked into a proprietary ecosystem. Compatibility with familiar, up-to-date programming languages can get you up and running quickly, and intuitive keypad controls, software tools and simple cable management will help you minimize installation time.

For customers looking to upgrade but fear compatibility issues, the Unidrive M Series will retrofit into existing Commander SK and Unidrive SP installations for a seamless transition. The Unidrive M Series will be an immediate upgrade in performance and reliability over previous lines.

Each model in the series offers an incremental level of functionality so you can get the drive that covers your exact specifications:


  • Unidrive M100 is a value drive that keeps it simple. It performs well with general open-loop industrial applications, and its compact size often places it among the smallest in class at every power rating.
  • Unidrive M200 is another value drive that offers flexible integration with systems using modern communication networks and fieldbuses. The M200 provides the most convenient upgrade path for customers wishing to replace their Commander SK.
  • Unidrive M300 steps into a more flexible range of variable speed drive, and is ideal as a cost effective solution for safety systems and advanced RFC-A open-loop motor control applications. Its SI interface enables integration with a wide range of fieldbuses and input/output options.
  • Unidrive M400 comes equipped with an LCD display for rapid setup and clear diagnostic help. The drive also has an integrated CODESYS-based PLC to execute a wide range of sequencing and logic programs. The M400 also has integrated dual STO inputs for SIL3/PLe conformity, eliminating the need for external safety components.
  • Unidrive M600 leaps into the high performance range, offering superior control for induction and sensorless permanent magnet motor applications. Optional SI-Encoder modules are available for precision closed-loop applications and digital lock/frequency following for induction motors.
  • Unidrive M700 headlines the series, providing high performance motor control and control flexibility suitable for high specification industrial applications. Its class-leading induction and permanent magnet servo motor performance, paired with real-time Ethernet, couples fast communication and precision control to maximize throughput.


All drives are unified by a common software foundation and a range of common click-in modules to provide easy integration across your entire installation.

Emerson’s Unidrive M Series Variable Speed Drives will be available at Galco soon. If you are interested in an upgrade, contact our experts today!


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