Extech Dual Laser IR Thermometer with Color Alert

Extech’s 42509 Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer is a handheld spot temperature measurement device featuring dual lasers for quick accuracy, programmable High/Low alarms and an automatic backlit LCD display with visual alarm functionality.



The Extech 42509 is most accurate at 12 inches, where the two lasers converge with a 12:1 field of view. The handheld thermometer measures spot temperatures up to 950°F (510°C) with 150 millisecond response times to capture temperature spikes.

Measurements are precise within 1 percent, with a max resolution of 0.1°F/°C.

Users can adjust high and low set points to take advantage of the thermometers robust alarm function. The 42509 offers an audible alarm to alert the user when the measured temperature falls above or the below the High/Low range.

Accompanying the audible alarm is a visual alert system using the LCD display. The normally-blue display will flash red when temperature readings fall beyond either the High or Low set points.

To assist users with recording measurements, the 42509 offers a Max Mode to capture and hold the highest reading among rapid changing temperatures.

Finally, an adjustable emissivity function allows users to tune the IR thermometer for different surfaces to ensure the most accurate readings. The thermometer can be tuned to emissivity values from 0.1 to 1.0.

The 42509 IR thermometer has a robust, double molded housing, suitable for fieldwork. Power is supplied by a 9V battery.


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