Extech’s DV26 Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Extech’s DV26 Non-Contact Voltage Detector is a CAT IV detector with a visual and audible alert functions and a built-in flashlight.



The DV26 detects AC voltage from 100 to 1000 VAC without contact and alerts the user of voltage presence with both LEDs in the tip and audible beeping. The voltage pen is designed for use on 50/60 Hz circuits.

The tip is illuminated by a green LED, which lights up when the DV26 is powered on and ready to use. A flashing red LED light indicates the presence of live wires. The tip fits into outlets if necessary.

Built in a rugged double molded housing, the DV26 has a CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V safety rating, suitable in environments with ambient temperatures to 32 to 104°F at altitudes up to 6500 ft. and relative humidity less than 80 percent.


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