Extech’s SL400 Personal Noise Dosimeter


Extech’s SL400 Personal Noise Dosimeter is a handheld sound level monitoring device used to determine protective measures required for employees exposed to loud noise.

Connect to a PC with the built-in USB interface, and use the provided software to control the setup process, retrieve stored events or analyze real-time measurements.

Noise surveys ensure compliance with OSHA, MSHA, DOD, ACGIH and ISO standards, with sound level modes that display sound level, min/max values, time-averaged sound levels (Leq), peak sound, and sound exposure levels (SEL).

Additional features include:

  • Log up to 999,999 readings
  • Adjustable Criterion Level, Exchange Rate and Threshold readings
  • User-defined measurement setup
  • Complete with microphone, windscreen, battery and case


For more information about the SL400 and other test equipment from Extech, contact our experts today!


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