Fagor Automation M Series Linear Encoder – Product Feature

Encoders measure actual machine position without the effect of any mechanical inaccuracies. One method to do this uses graduated glass optical transmission: light from an LED travels through an engraved glass and a reticule before reaching receiving receiving photo diodes.

This highly accurate method of sending actual machine position to a CNC controller is used by Fagor Automation’s M Series Incremental Linear Encoder. This encoder is designed for applications on standard machines with travels up to 1,540 mm. With reference markers every 50 mm, or an optional distance-coded and detachable cable connector built into the reader head, the Fagor M Series encoder is accurate within 10 microns (µm).



Fagor Automation M Series Incremental Linear Encoder, available at Galco.com! Pictured is the MKT-37 model, which comes standard with a cable connector built into the reader.


Models either come with a measuring resolution of 5, 1 or 0.1 µm, and output a measuring signal period equal to the encoder’s graduated pitch (20 µm on most models, 4 µm on the MX, MDX and MKX).

The graduated scale in the encoder is protected by an enclosed aluminum profile. Sealing lips protect the encoder from industrial contaminants and liquid splashes as the reader head moves along the machine profile. Linear bearings minimize the friction of the encoder moving along the rails.

The M Series comes standard with IP53 protection, but can be improved to IP64 by using pressurized air to protect the encoder and reader head from all sides against contaminants. As a result, Fagor’s linear encoders are suitable for most CNC applications: milling, turning, boring, grinding, etc.

For more information about Fagor Automation’s M Series Incremental Linear Encoder, contact our experts today!


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