FLIR’s E5 Infrared Camera with MSX Technology


FLIR’s E5 Infrared Camera with MSX is a powerful thermal imaging tool for troubleshooting electrical, mechanical and building problems.

A workhorse test device, the E5 is equipped with professional features like hot/cold-spot measuring and emissivity controls. Accurate within 2%, the E5 offers exceptional clarity at the touch of a button.

Enhanced with MSX image technology, FLIR’s E5 can capture key visible light details and add them to the infrared image in real time. This all-in-one camera solution allows users to instantly recognize what they are looking at and easily identify problem areas.

Additional features:

  • Focus free camera with a 45° x 35° field of view
  • USB interface for data transfer
  • Temp range -20° to 250°C (-4° to 482°F)
  • WiFi connectivity


For more information about the FLIR E5 and other test equipment, contact us today!


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