Gefran 1000 Series Process Controller – Product Spotlight

Gefran’s 1000 Series Process Controller is a single-loop, double display microprocessor controller designed for a wide range of industrial temperature control applications. These basic-tier, complete-function controllers combine simplicity, practicality and proven PID control design to satisfy any industrial control requirement.


Gefran 1000 Series Process Controllers, available at! Pictured is the 1000-R0-3H-0-1 model, 240V AC/DC.


The controller comes with 3 keys, two green LED three-digit displays, and 3 red signal LEDs to show alarm status. A final green LED indicates the main output state of the controller.

Main input for process variables is universal, so the 1000 series can support many types of signals including: thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermistors, and normalized linear inputs. Linear inputs are selected from the faceplate keys (0-50 and 10-50mV) or with an external shunt (2-10V, 0-10V, 0-20mA and 4-20mA).

Accurate within 0.5 percent, the 1000 series is compatible with three control outputs: relay, logic, and continuous.

Operators can manually select setpoints or use a manual-automatic mode to configure the unit. A PC programming kit is available to simplify configuration even further.

This instrument can also automatically select display parameters based on hardware configuration, masking irrelevant parameters if necessary. This way, operators simply need to adjust the setpoint and alarm, then launch self-tune. The controller does the rest.

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