General Electric AF-6 Series AC Drives – Product Spotlight

General Electric’s AF-6 Series is an AC drive family designed specifically to heighten performance, reduce energy consumption, simplify installation and eliminate the need for costly add-ons.



The AF-6 Series features 3 drive classes:

  • AF-60 LP Micro Drive – for applications up to 30 horsepower
  • AF-600 FP Fan & Pump Drive – for applications up to 1,350 horsepower
  • AF-650 GP General Purpose Drive – for applications up to 1,350 horsepower

A host of built-in features are found in all three classes to improve performance and reduce total cost. Each class is optimized a step further for its own specific purpose.

Included features across the AF-6 Series include a process PID controller, a logic controller, a brake chopper option, and a built-in RFI filter. Each case serves to optimize operation and eliminate the need for additional components.

Each drive features powerful energy savings capabilities that run automatically to deliver better system efficiency, and an advanced auto-tune function to optimize performance and reduce setup time.

Each drive in the series comes with a removable keypad. On 600 and 650 drives, the keypad includes an INFO key to provide full-text, contact-sensitive information to make programming easier and eliminate the need for printed manuals. With programming information onboard, most startup cases can completed in less than five minutes.

The keypad also allows users to copy settings from one drive to use on others using a hot pluggable feature.

Finally, the Quick Menu provides easy access to all of the drive’s basic settings and the controller.

Each drive is housed in an IP20 chassis at minimum, with greater degrees of protection available for larger drives. Drives also include self-protection features, high current overload operation, precision stop functions and compatibility with GE’s easy-to-use proprietary PC software.


For more information about General Electric’s AF-6 Series AC Drive family, contact our experts today! And stay tuned for closer look at each class in the family, presented right here on the Galco Blog.


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