General Electric AF-600 FP Fan & Pump Drive – Product Spotlight

General Electric’s AF-600 FP Fan and Pump Drives are optimized to run fan and pump applications right out of the box. The drive’s compact size makes it easy to mount in a control panel, and host of dedicated features include specific, sophisticated controls that purposely assist fan and pump control.

The AF-600 FP is perfect for fan applications including HVAC, cooling towers, VAC, supply and return, exhaust, fume hood, make-up air, induced and forced draft, and furnace temperature control.

The drive is also ideal for pump applications including chilled water, pressure boosting, cooling tower, wastewater, chiller, irrigation, and hydro storage.



AF-600 FP drives are available in two classes:

  • 230 VAC rated for up to 60 horsepower
  • 460 VAC rated for up to 1350 horsepower

Right out of the box, the AF-600 FP offers built-in simplicity to speed up installation and setup. The keypad INFO key provides full-text, context-sensitive information to make programming easier and can eliminate the need for printed manuals. In most cases, start-up can be completed in less that 5 minutes.

The drive includes several self protecting features, and can withstand 110 percent current overload for up to 1 minute. The flying start feature can catch a spinning motor, and an electronic thermal overload further protects the drive from harm.

Application specific features include:

  • Flow compensation
  • Pump cascade control
  • Automated resonance monitoring
  • Fan belt monitoring
  • Stairwell pressurization
  • Fire override mode
  • Dry pump protection

Robust IP20 housing protects drives up to 125 horsepower. Between 125 and 600 horsepower, drives are rated IP00. 650 horsepower drives and up carry an IP21 rating. These are standard protection ratings. All drives are optionally available with IP54/55 ratings. All IP20 drives can be fitted with a NEMA 1 kit can achieve IP21. Conformal coated circuit boards are also optionally available.

Additional optional accessories include a remote mounting kit (IP65) for the keypad, a pedestal kit for floor mounting drives rated between 150 and 450 horsepower, and a duct kit to vent generated heat out the back channel of the drive (150t to 650 horsepower).


For more information about General Electric’s AF-600 FP Fan & Pump Drive, contact our experts today!


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