General Electric ASTAT XT Soft Starters – Product Spotlight

General Electric’s ASTAT XT Soft Starter features advanced microprocessor control digital technology to offer reliable performance and smooth acceleration for a variety of standard AC motors, up to 1,400 A and up to 690 V. Smooth acceleration reduces mechanical shock to the driving system, extending component and motor life.




Setup and adjust is performed using a six-button keypad, displaying parameters or messages on the front-facing LCD display for hassle-free setup and maintenance.

The ASTAT XT starter’s design includes isolated I/O terminals and a high level of protection in circuits to minimize disturbance effects while working in the harshest of industrial environments.

Traditional features include:

  • Motor overload protection
  • Adjustable ramp settings (both accel and decel)
  • Current limit protection (up to 500 percent motor rated current)
  • Kick starting

And more advanced features like:

  • Inside-delta operation
  • Torque control
  • Dedicated pump control specs
  • Protection sets dedicated to motors and other components

Built into the ASTAT XT are three extra power terminals for external bypass, RS485 port communications and ModBus protocol. Profibus-DP and DeviceNet are optional interfaces for communications.

The full current range for these starters is from 8 to 1,400 A, in line voltage classes of 230 VAC, 460-600 VAC and 690 VAC.

For more information about GE’s ASTAT XT Soft Starters, contact our experts today!


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