General Electric ElfaPlus Miniature Circuit Breakers – Product Feature

General Electric’s ElfaPlus Miniature Circuit Breakers cover all needs that a global OEM could have in its equipment. Suitable for branch circuit device protection, each circuit breaker in the series comes with UL approval and a vast range of protective options to cover applications worldwide.

The high performance arc management system is capable of clearing short circuit failures more efficiently than conventional molded case circuit breakers, in a robust, compact package.



General Electric ElfaPlus Miniature Circuit Breaker, available at Model pictured: EP100 ULH series.


An extremely adaptable range, the ElfaPlus series is engineered to work hand-in-hand with a large variety of add-on options, each UL approved. These include:

  • Auxiliary contact support
  • Shunt trips
  • Undervoltage bifunctional (wires and bars) terminals
  • Busbar systems
  • Ground fault devices
  • Surge protective devices
  • and Net analyzers

Each ElfaPlus breaker is standard 35mm DIN-rail mountable for easy installation, small enough to fit in any panel, and robust enough to protect equipment efficiently.

By limiting let through current, the ElfaPlus separates the component from the fault faster than conventional circuit breakers, reducing system damage. Several trip characteristics are available to reduce nuisance tripping, and reverse feeding is permitted to fit the application just right.

Contact position is easily identified (red or green), and the toggle can be locked in the OFF position if necessary. Finally, each ElfaPlus circuit breaker can endure 10,000 operation cycles and withstand a 6,000V impulse rating. Reliability drives the device.

Three models complete the line, each offering a different set of features to match your specific needs:

  • EP60 UL
  • EP100 UL
  • EP100 ULH

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