General Electric Type IP Transformer – Product Spotlight

General Electric’s Type IP Transformers are core and coil units designed for machine tool, industrial control, panelboard and general purpose applications.The welded core and encapsulated design provide the highest quality electrical performance.


General Electric’s Type IP Transformer. Pictured is the 9T58K0047 model, rated for 250 VA.


Type IP transformers come in several different input voltage classes:

  • 220 x 400 V at 60 Hz
  • 230 x 460 V at 60 Hz
  • 240 x 480 V at 60 Hz
  • 230/460/575 V at 50/60 Hz
  • 208/277/380 V at 50/60 Hz

Output voltage for IP transformers with a 60 Hz terminal board connection is rated for 110, 115 and 120 V. The apparent power range for these transformers is 0.05 to 3 kVA.

For transformers with a 50/60 Hz terminal board connection, the output voltage rating is 115/95 V. The apparent power range is 0.05 to 2 kVA.

All designs 2 kVA and below are compensated for voltage drop. This compensation ranges from 10 percent in the smallest rating to 3 percent for the largest. All machine tool designs meet or exceed NMTBA regulation requirements.

The transformer coil is completely surrounded by epoxy, making the unit impervious to external elements. The lamination core is welded to provide quiet performance. Several types of terminations of available to simplify installation. These include primary and secondary leads out, integral fuse, spade-type terminals and the standard touch proof terminal block.

All Type IP transformers are low impedance transformers that require overcurrent protection for most applications. They are compatible with optional integral primary and/or secondary fuses to achieve the protection necessary for the application at hand.

Type IP transformers are lightweight, small and designed to fit most mounting footprints.


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