General Electric’s Spectra RMS Molded Case Circuit Breakers


General Electric’s Spectra RMS molded case circuit breakers have a digital, solid-state, RMS sensing trip system with front-mounted rating plugs to establish or change the breaker ampere rating. This solid-state trip system delivers accurate sensing, is ambient insensitive, and is capable of communication and power management functionality. Protective relays are also available.

True RMS current sensing technology provides superior circuit protection. The electronic trip unit accurately monitors and responds to overcurrent conditions without the hassle of nuisance trips, even for non-sinusoidal loads such as SCR drives, welders, arc furnaces, computer power supplies and HID lighting.

The Spectra SE, SF, and SG frames provide exceptional equipment protection with less system stressing, and front-mounted internal accessories and rating plugs make reverse feeding possible on all frames.

The ampere rating of the Spectra RMS family of circuit breakers is established via an interchangeable rating plug located on the face of the frame. To change the ampere rating, simply remove the existing rating plug and “snap in” a new one up to the maximum ampere rating of the frame. The unique accept/reject feature prevents installing an incompatible rating plug. The rating plugs are a fraction of the size of traditional thermal magnetic replaceable trip units. A wide array of rating plugs is offered for each frame size.

Each Spectra RMS circuit breaker accepts a full range of internal accessories, including a wide array of shunt trip and undervoltage release devices, as well as bell alarm and auxiliary switches. These accessories are UL Listed for field installation and install in minutes without the need to remove the breaker cover. The best feature is that these internal accessories are common across all frame sizes – a simplified design approach that saves you time and money.


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