Ham-Let H-300U Series Needle Valve


Ham-let’s H-300U series needle valve features stainless steel and brass construction in both straight and angled patterns. A variety of stem types range in sizes from 3mm to 12mm. The included packing bolt allows for easy panel mounting, so no packing disassembly is required. The chevron stem packing provides low operating torque, and Belleville washers are used to compensate for packing wear. Ham-Let also uses a special synthetic anti-seize stem lubricant for resistance to hot media.

A variety of stem options are available:

  • 8A Regulating, which is used where some degree of flow control is required.
  • 8B V-Stem, which is the standard stem tip used for on/off operation in general purpose liquids and gas service.
  • 8C Non-rotating stem, which is typically used in high cycle applications to extend valve life and prevent stem rotation inside the body tip. This type is suitable for gaseous high-pressure applications.
  • 8D Soft Seat, which requires a lower seating torque than a metal stem tip. It is a great choice for clean gaseous high pressure applications.


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