Hammond Power Solutions Fortress Series Transformer – Product Feature

Hammond Power Solutions’ HPS Fortress Encapsulated Transformer for Commercial Applications is a quality, low-cost low voltage distribution solution ideal for office buildings, schools, shopping centers, sports complexes, and industrial applications like light and wastewater treatment plants.

The Fortress transformer is designed to be a reliable power distribution system at a low cost, with simple installation options to save time and labor.



Hammond Power Solutions Fortress Transformers, available at Galco.com! Pictured is the single-phase C1F005XES model, power rated for 5 kVA.


Both single- and three-phase Fortress transformers are rated for eight primary input voltage groups: 120/240, 208/416, 120/208/240/277, 240/480, 277, 277/480, 347/360, and 600V. Single-phase transformers have output power ratings from 50 VA to 37.5 kVA, and three-phase transformers are power rated from 2 kVA to 75 kVA.

All Fortress units are encapsulated with electrical grade silica and resin compounds, which completely enclose the core and coil to seal out moisture, airborne contaminants and eliminates corrosion and deterioration. The standard enclosure is Type 3R, and three-phase transformers have an optional Type 4/12 with a gasket kit installed.

Electrostatic shielding is standard on all single-phase transformers from 750 VA and up, and standard on all three-phase units.

Because the HPS Fortress transformer is more practical for general use, it does not have the hazardous location specification found on its heavy duty cousin, the HPS Titan. The Fortress is still CSA Certified and UL Listed for general purpose use in the US and Canada.

Single-phase transformers are wall mounted with standard keyhole mounting slots up to 25 kVA. An optional wall mounting bracket allows wall mounting for units up to 37.5 kVA. Three-phase transformers are standard wall mount up to 9 kVA, require the wall mounting bracket for 15, 30 and 45 kVA models, and are floor mount only up to 75 kVA.

Rear and side conduit knockouts provide entry to easily accessible and spacious wiring compartments.

For more information about Hammond’s HPS Fortress Series Encapsulated Transformers, contact our experts today!


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