Honeywell T6031 Refrigeration Temperature Controller – Product Spotlight

Honeywell’s T6031 Refrigeration Temperature Controllers are used in a variety of cooling applications where remote mounting of the sensing element in the controlled medium is required. Their wide control temperature range is suitable for controlling ducts, tanks, freezers, coolers, display cases, defrost termination and similar HVAC applications.



Honeywell’s T6031 Refrigeration Temperature Controllers, available at! Pictured is the T6031A1029/U model, with a -30° to 90°F temperature range.


When the temperature at the sensing bulb rises above the controller setpoint, a circuit is made between the R-W terminals. During a temperature fall, the R-W circuit breaks at the setpoint temperature minus the switch differential. Controllers with a B terminal break the B-R terminal circuit on a temperature rise to the setpoint. B-R makes again when R-W breaks on a temperature drop.

For example, if a controller with a 3°F differential is set at 39°F, R-W makes when the bulb temperature rises to 39°. During temperature fall, R-W breaks when the temperature reaches 35° (39° minus the differential, 3°, means 36° is still within the “make” range).

Setpoint is adjustable via an adjustable knob on the front of the case. If the controller doesn’t have a knob, the unit has a screw within case (easily accessible at the center of the case) that makes the adjustments. The T6031 controller is available with one of three adjustable temperature ranges:

  • -15 to 90°F
  • -30 to 50°F
  • -30 to 90°F

Controller differential values are either fixed at 3.5° or adjustable from 3.5° to 12°F. Adjustable differential units can be configured via a differential adjustment wheel, accessible only when the controller’s cover is removed.

The copper capillary tube can either be 5, 8 or 20 feet long, depending on the model.

A universal mounting bracket is available for easy replace of other controllers. When installing the T6031, simply mount the controller in a convenient location, and make sure the sensing bulb reaches the controlled system. The unit is ambient temperature compensated, but be sure the ambient temperature does not exceed 125°F where the controller is installed.

The T6031 controller has electrical ratings of 120 VAC or 240 VAC, each with different sets of amperage, depending on the load:

  • 120 VAC, Full Load Amps = 8A (normally closed), 16A (normally open)
  • 120 VAC, Locked Rotor Amps = 48A (normally closed), 80A (normally open)
  • 240 VAC, Full Load Amps = 5.1A (normally closed), 8A (normally open)
  • 240 VAC, Locked Rotor Amps = 30.6A (normally closed), 40A (normally open)

For more information about Honeywell’s T6031 Refrigeration Temperature Controller for HVAC applications, contact our experts today!


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