How to do a Factory Reset on ABB’s ACS380 AC Drive


Factory resetting your ABB ACS380 can be an easy way to fix potential configuration issues or give you a clean slate to work from if you are altering your application.

Performing a factory reset on the ACS380 is easy to do with its keypad and menu interface. To do so, navigate to the parameters menu from the main menu, which is represented by a gear and 3 lines. Press the OK button to open the menu.

Next, navigate to the third option in the parameter menu, which looks like a factory. This is the parameter restore option. Pressing ok will reset the drive to the factory default parameters.

You can also factory reset the drive by navigating to parameter 96.06 and then selecting number 34560 to reset all parameters and settings back to initial factory values with the exception of parameter 95.20 for hardware options.

Note that it is also possible to restore the ACS380 from backed up configurations, which may save you time in some circumstances rather than performing a full factory reset. Stay tuned for a video on that procedure coming soon.


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