How to Reinitialize and Factory Reset Yaskawa’s GA800 AC Drive


Do you need a fresh start on your Yaskawa GA800 AC Drive? No problem! Resetting the drive back to factory settings is a quick and simple procedure.

To reinitialize the drive, navigate to parameter A1-03 and set it to option 2220 for a 2-wire initialization, or 3330 for a 3-wire initialization. Don’t worry, this will not reset the language that you set in parameter A1-00.

You can also now set an application preset after reinitializing the drive if you would like at parameter A1-06.

Now, from the home screen, press the F2 button to open the main menu. Scroll up using the up arrow button to select the initial setup option.

Now, select the setup wizard option to run through the initial setup steps again, just like the first time you configured your drive. This will run you through configuring functions such as:

  • Control method selection
  • HD/ND Selection
  • Motor Data
  • Frequency Reference
  • Run command source
  • Acceleration and deceleration times

For more detailed setup instructions, check out our entry on configuring the initial setup of this drive.


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