How To Use the Panduit CT-1550 Crimping Tool

Recently, we published a product guide on Panduit’s CT-1550 Crimping Tool, an ergonomic handheld tool that features a full-cycle ratchet mechanism and two color-coded crimp pockets. The CT-1550 can be used with conductors in a wide range of sizes, from ARG #22 to #10, and matching terminals, splices and disconnects that are insulated with nylon or vinyl.



Using the CT-1550 is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. With the handles in the closed position, rotate the locator until the narrow slot is centered between the crimp pockets. The locator will then detent and “lock” in this position.
  2. Squeeze the handle to open the tool.
  3. With the back of the terminal tongue turned toward the color dots, insert the terminal in the proper crimp pocket so that the tongue slides into the locator slot.
  4. Hold the terminal against the locator and close the handles until the barrel is held snugly in place, but be careful to not deform the barrel.
  5. Insert the stripped wire into the terminal until the wire stops in the recessed slot in the locator.
  6. Crimp the terminal by closing the handles until the controlled cycle mechanism releases.
  7. Upon release, the handles will open automatically and the crimped terminal can be removed.

The CT-1550 is suitable for use in industrial, automotive and many other electrical applications.

This guide is intended to help you get started with your new Panduit crimping tool. If you need more guidance, stay tuned for a video demonstration produced by GalcoTV. We will update this guide when the video debuts on our YouTube channel.


For more information about Panduit’s CT-1550 controlled cycle crimping tools and other Panduit tools, contact our experts today!


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