IDEC MicroSmart FC4A PLC – Product Spotlight

IDEC’s MicroSmart FC4A PLCs are flexible, adaptable PLCs as compact as they are powerful, so you can create the system you need without increasing your space requirements or budget.

FC4A PLCs are available in several different formats: built-in 10, 16 and 24 I/O “all-in-one” units, and 20 or 40 I/O slim style units. The FC4A also features robust expansion capabilities: 24 I/O all-in-one models are expandable to a maximum of 88 digital I/Os, and slim style models can support up to 264 digital I/Os.



IDEC’s MicroSmart FC4A PLC, available at! Picture is FC4A-C24R2 model, an all-in-one PLC with 24 I/Os.


With many expansion modules to choose from – AC/DC inputs, relay/transistor outputs, RTD/thermocouple and analog I/Os, and an AS-interface Master communication module – the FC4A PLC is the perfect solution for an uncompromising high-performance controller.

Each CPU is equipped with a standard power supply circuit, four high-speed counters, analog potentiometer, and password protection. Also built into each unit:

  • Modbus-CRC
  • PID
  • Ramp functions
  • RS232 port (for data link or modem communications, optional plug-in RS485/RS232 port available)

Each MicroSmart module can be enhanced with a memory cartridge for easy maintenance, a real-time clock and calendar cartridge for real time applications and an HMI module for monitoring. All of these features are easily programmable to precisely fit the application at hand with IDEC’s WindLDR software.

Each FC4A PLC is designed in a compact and rugged housing, with worldwide approvals and Class 1 Division 2 specifications for hazardous locations.

For more information about IDEC’s MicroSmart FC4A PLC, contact our experts today!

(For information about another IDEC PLC, here’s our quick look at the MicroSmart FC6A.)


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