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Red Lion is a global expert in the fields of communication, monitoring, and control for industrial automation and networking. Their automation, Ethernet, and cellular M2M technology enables real-time data visibility on a global scale.

Red Lion’s HMI operator panels, Ethernet switches, signal converters, cellular M2M, and visual management products all work in unison to drive increased productivity across your entire organization.

In Red Lion’s HMI catalog, the G3 Series shines as one of the more powerful options. G3 HMIs can convert up to 13 protocols simultaneously from over 300 supported drivers, provide built-in data logging, support remote access options, and include an on-display keypad for direct interaction with the unit.



Red Lion’s G3 Series HMI, now available at!


The Ethernet switch catalog features the N-Tron 700 Series, a managed industrial Ethernet switch solution designed for applications in extreme environments. Fully managed features include full SNMP and web browser management, plug-and-play IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) support, port mirroring, and N-Ring technology.



Red Lion’s N-Tron Series Ethernet Switch, now available at!


Red Lion’s cellular networking catalog is perfect for the modern industrial environment, offering a suite of IIoT-ready devices to keep personnel connected to equipment around the clock. This includes the Sixnet Series, with cellular RTUs that seamlessly connect Modbus and DNP3 enabled SCADA equipment – via 3G connectivity – to remote networks or select cloud platforms.

Additional products available from Red Lion include:

  • Process controllers
  • Communication converters
  • Panel meters
  • And much more!

From industrial automation to networking, Red Lion Controls provides comprehensive solutions across numerous industries and applications including: IIoT, manufacturing, oil and gas, alternative energy, power and utilities, and transportation.


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