Johnson Controls A72 Series Heavy Duty Temperature Controls


The A72 series 2-pole heavy duty temperature control from Johnson Controls is offered in a wide selection of ranges suitable for most application needs, such as opening or closing a circuit on a temperature increase. There are also models available with an SPDT enclosed Pennswitch.

These controls feature a long life contact structure with high contact force right up to break, with no bounce on make. The make reset models are also designed to be trip-free. Auxiliary contact can be used to actuate an alarm circuit when the main contact opens. Additionally, the heavy gauge low profile stainless steel element cup used in this series protects against mechanical damage.

The A72 DPST series provides a number of application advantages, such as the ability to control polyphase motors without the use of magnetic starters where protection against overloading and single phasing is otherwise provided. It provides two separate control circuits necessary for the control of multiple systems. One set of contacts will break the hot line when wired as a two pole switch in a single phase circuit, and it permits control of two separate load circuits. DPST controls also allow for automatic control of heavy electrical loads.

A single calibrated scale shows directly in both cut-in and cut-out settings, allowing you to make adjustments without having to remove the cover.


For more information about Johnson Controls’ A72 series, or our entire catalog of temperature controls, contact our experts today!


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