KB Electronics KBIC Series DC Drives


KB Electronics KBIC speed controls are designed for applications demanding excellent performance, high reliability and low cost. Although compact in size, these controls offer better than 2% regulation over a 50 to 1 speed range.

A unique feature of the KBIC controls is the Plug-in Horsepower Resistor. This accessory is a requirement to operate the drive and should be purchased according to your motor’s horsepower. Additional versatility is achieved by using the Auxiliary Heatsink which is used to double the horsepower rating of each model.

There are 6 types of KBIC drives that have an AC line voltage of either 115 or 230 volts.

The KBIC can also be operated in a voltage following mode by supplying an isolated analog signal of 0 to 9 Volts DC with the input terminals P2 positive and F negative.


For more information about KB Electronics’ KBIC DC Drive and its accessories, contact our experts today!


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