Leeson Electric Washguard Series Industrial Motors – Product Spotlight

Leeson Electric’s Washguard Series Industrial Motors are designed to meet the demanding washdown conditions you may find in food processing plants, chemical processing applications, pharmaceutical plants, and beverage and brewing industries. Whether you need a motor that handles an occasional splash, or a solution that handles continuous washdown 24/7, Leeson’s broad range of Washguard industrial duty motors can take it.

Motors in the Washguard series include the White Duck, Stainless Duck, SST Duck, Premium Duck and Extreme Duck motors, all derived from the original single-phase, moisture-shedding “Duck” motor.



Leeson Electric’s Washguard Series Industrial Motors, available at Galco.com! Pictured is the 113954.00 “White Duck” motor, rated for 1/3 horsepower in a three-phase design.


The White Duck series is geared for applications exposed to an occasional washdown. The motor is coated in a high-gloss, high-durability, FDA-approved white epoxy finish for superior protection. Drains are situated around the motor to satisfy mounting in all orientations.

It terms of hardware, White Duck motors feature stainless steel construction of the shaft, conduit box, cover and nameplate. A moisture-resistant coating on the interior inhibits corrosion. Buna-N gaskets and Viton shaft seals are located on both ends of the motor (TEFC designs only).

White Duck motors are available in both AC and DC configurations, driving 1/3 up to 15 horsepower. These motors carry an IP55 protection rating.

Stainless Duck motors are tested and approved to handle 2,500 hours of diluted salt spray. The paint-free design is well suited for bakeries, food processing facilities and conveyors. Construction closely resembles White Duck motors (stainless steel components, moisture-resistant interior coating), adding specially-processed endshields and conduit box housing.

These motors carry an IP55 protection rating, and drive 1/2 to 2 horsepower on three-phase AC power.

SST Duck motors are designed for ultra-clean operations in food processing, bottling and pharmaceutical industries with its paint-free, stainless steel exterior. Also IP55 rated, the motors drive 1/3 to 3 horsepower in both single- and three-phase designs.

Premium Stainless Duck motors meet IEEE-841 severe duty requirements and pass IP56 test requirements to perform in frequency washdown applications. They drive 1/2 to 2 horsepower (pump motors up to 10 hp).

The Extreme Duck motor uses the Hydro Sealed System to protect the motor from the outside-in by reducing entrance points of contaminants. The design eliminates the need for drain plugs or breathers. With an IP66 rating, Extreme Duck motors are tested to perform to severe washdown and sanitation requirements. Three-phase designs drive up to 3 horsepower.

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