Leeson Electric’s Agricultural Duty Motors – Product Spotlight

Leeson Electric’s Agricultural Duty Motors are designed to handle high-starting loads and severe-duty applications of the agricultural industry. Engineered to perform in all weather conditions, Farm Duty motors from Leeson provide high starting torque – up to 400 percent rated torque – to power some of the most demanding applications.

These most are especially suited for feeders, fans, grain elevators, silo unloaders, barn cleaners and more.



Leeson Electric’s Agricultural Duty Motors, available at Galco.com! Pictured is the 110087.00 “Big Red” motor, rated for 3/4 horsepower at 1,800 RPM.


Leeson’s Farm Duty motors are available in one of four different configurations:

  • High Torque, rigid base, single-phase TEFC
  • Extra-High Torque, rigid base, single-phase TEFC
  • Premium Efficient, rigid base, single-phase
  • Premium Efficient, rigid base, three-phase

High torque and three-phase motors drive from 1/3 to 10 horsepower. High torque motors feature manual overload protection, gasketed conduit boxes and capacitor cases, drain holes for high-moisture environments, and can produce up to 400 percent torque.

Double-sealed ball bearings ensure a long life in dusty and moist conditions. A shaft flinger helps prevent dirt and rain from damaging bearings. And the motor is lubricated with Exxon PolyrexEM grease, suitable for extreme temperatures form -20° to 350°F.

A Class F insulation rating protects the motor from extreme temperature rise.

Premium Efficient motors in the series drive from 1/3 to 2 horsepower, and offer up to 22 percent better efficiency than standard agricultural duty motors.

For more information about Leeson Electric’s Agricultural Duty Motors, contact our experts today!


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