Leeson Electric’s Brakemotors – Product Spotlight

Leeson Electric’s single-phase TEFC Brakemotors are ideally suited for use on conveyors, machine tools, door operators, speed reducers, cranes or other industrial machinery requiring quick stop and/or holding torque.

These brakemotors feature Stearns 56,000 series brakes, with fail-safe positive stop and holding operation, so the load stops automatically when power is turned off. The brake rating is specified at 3, 6 and 10 ft-lbs on standard models.



Leeson Electric’s Brakemotors, available at Galco.com! Pictured is the 114161.00 three-phase model, rated for 1 horsepower with a 6 ft-lbs brake rating.


Dual voltage brake coils work on 115/208-230 VAC, and output 1/3 to 2 horsepower at 1,800 RPM.

The 56C-145TC frames feature a durable steel construction, featuring NEMA Design B performance and premium Class F insulation to protect the motor from extreme temperature rise. These motors come standard with a drive-end C-Face.

Optional for these motors: brake kits and couple brake kits. Additional options include high cycle models, three-phase power models, and washdown duty models suitable for high-moisture environments. Three-phase brakemotors output up to 10 horsepower, and offer drip-proof construction (versus the TEFC construction on standard single-phase models).

All motors in the series carry UL recognized component listing and CSA Certification.

For more information about Leeson Electric’s Brakemotors, contact our experts today!


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