Lovato’s TM M1 NFC Timer


Lovato’s TM M1 NFC timer is a multi-function, multi-scale, and multi-voltage time relay that is equipped with support for NFC technology and smartphone app functionality.

The TM M1 NFC has 40 functions, including: on delay, off delay, flasher, pulse generator, ON-OFF trigger, watchdog, pulse on relay energizing at contact opening or closing, analog filter, and more. Variants in this series may also feature different or additional functions.

This product can essentially work as 3 products in 1:

  • A timer, with 40 available timing functions
  • A counter, where simultaneously with the timing function, a threshold can be set for the number of times the timer output closes. When this threshold is reached, the TM M1 NFC will deactivate the function that it is programmed for. The timer must then be switched off and back on to reset and restart the counter.
  • An hour counter to count the number of hours a machine spends running. This count is saved in the unit’s non-volatile memory, and an output contact is energized to signal that the programmable threshold has been reached. This value can also be monitored using the smartphone app.

In the case of functions that are activated by the external command input, a parameter can establish the method of resetting the function. Two options are available: Input, which will re-perform the function every time the command input is closed; or Power, where, after the first execution of a function, the time relay locks out and the function is no longer executed. In this mode, the time relay must be powered off and on again to restart.

The TMM1 NFC is especially easy to set up using an NFC-equipped Android smartphone and the Lovato NFC app in the Google Play Store. Using this app, you can easily configure and monitor the functions on the TMM1 NFC.



For more information regarding the TM M1 timer and the rest of Lovato’s catalog, contact our experts today!


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